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Sample chapter from The Messengers audiobook

May 23rd, 2021

This is an excerpt from my recently published audiobook of The Messenger. It was narrated by Michael Hacker. The foreword was written and read by Richard Dolan. And the introduction and conclusion were read by me.

This is Chapter Nine, titled Back to Back Reports, and this might be my favorite chapters of this big book.
I am happy to offer up this sample, so you can get an insight into the tenor of the book. I will be posting more samples as a way to promote this audiobook, and these will be easy to find here on my blog.
  one-click link HERE  
The audiobook can be purchased on audible.com, the iTunes store and amazon. If you like the book, please leave a review on Amazon. In this new era of publishing, authors are dependent on these reviews.
I need to thank Michael Hacker for his wonderful narration. I sought him out because he has read a long list of audiobooks by John Keel and Brad Steiger, two fo my heroes in this fascinating corner of publishing. 
This book, The Messengers was a monumental project for me, and it consumed years of my life. It was a blurry time of obsession and dedication, and it was also a time of magic. The book was written in a synchronistic cloud, and that's not an exaggeration. It feels like something outside myself was at play in the writing process.
I have two other companion books, and these make up a sort of trilogy. I am enormously proud of The Messenger series, and each is available in print, in kindle, and as audiobooks.

Richard Dolan reads the foreword to The Messengers

December 12th, 2020

The audiobook for The Messengers is due out very soon. Richard Dolan wrote and read the foreword, and I am sharing it here. 

Red Pill Junkie reads his foreword in the audiobook Hidden Experience

May 16th, 2020

Long time reader of the blog Red Pill Junkie read his own essay, and he has a much better voice than I do! This is his foreword to my newest book. Required listening! 

Audio reading from Hidden Experience [the introduction]

July 9th, 2019

This is an audio reading from the recently published book, Hidden Experience.

Recorded plea from my sleeping bag

November 18th, 2018

Audio recording from 2009 from my sleeping bag in the Tetons. 


Christopher Knowles / In Conversation 2009

November 4th, 2018

This was the very first audio interview I did on this blog. The old link is not working, so I am updating it.


audio from Anya Briggs where she mentions Bryon North Dakota

November 1st, 2018

Audio of Anya Briggs where she mentions Bryon North Dakota. This reference set off a flood of curious synchronicities all interlocked on a map. This 19 minute clip is meat to accompany a post from March of 2010.

Link to post

Mac Tonnies, various clips

November 1st, 2018

This is a 14 minute clip of various interview with Mac Tonnies. His voice is strong and clear, and his ideas are just as valid now as they were a decade ago. These clips are introduced by Whitley Strieber. 

More HERE.

Introduction from Stories from The Messengers

June 20th, 2018

Here is an sneak-peak of the audiobook of Stories from The Messengers. This is the Introduction.

Chapter 14 - The Owl and the White Buffalo

March 23rd, 2018

Chapter 13 from an Audio-book project in the works.

Audio Reading for Chapter 13 - Between Two Bridges

March 17th, 2018

I have been recording my voice for an audio book of Stories from The Messengers. The results have been good, and I am working hard to make it sound professional. This is a high quality 192 Kbits/sec file.

Audio Reading: Stories from The Messengers — Chapter 10

February 28th, 2018

I have been recording my voice for an audio book. I am starting with the more recent book, Stories from The Messengers. It is slightly shorter and I hope to have it available before summer. It is slow going and its taking longer than I expected. The results have been good, and I am working hard to make it sound professional. This is a high quality 192 Kbits/sec file.


December 23rd, 2017

This is an audio reading of chapter seventeen in the book STORIES FROM THE MESSENGERS. 

Excerpt from Aliens in the Backyard

March 12th, 2017

This is from Trish and Rob MacGregor's audio book. It's an eight minute long audio excerpt from their book.  It is also posted along with the interview I did with them last week (the interview lined HERE).

John Mack on the transformation of consciousness (from 2002)

March 10th, 2017

This is the audio of a talk given by Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack at the International Conference on Altered States of Consciousness in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was recorded October 25, 2002.

The synopsis of the lecture reads: "UFO encounters, near death experiences, shamanic journeys, and spontaneous religious epiphanies all have the power to bring about a significant transformation of consciousness. By this is meant that the experiencers’ worldview, as internalized in the course of their upbringing and inculcation in this culture, is shattered. This, in turn, results in the potential opening of heart and spirit to a wider appreciation of reality and a (re)connection to realms of the sacred and divine. In this lecture I will discuss how this process occurs in specific cases, and its implications for social and cultural change."

Kenneth Ring and Terence McKenna on UFOs and NDEs

November 25th, 2016

A short conversation, in two parts, between two extraordinary thinkers, Terence McKenna and Kenneth Ring. The book The Omega Project was written by Ring, and in it he explores the relationship between the UFO phenomenon and the Near Death Experience. This video was created shot on location in Prague, Czechoslovakia during the International Transpersonal Conference in June 1992, known at Prague Gnosis.



Hypnosis session from 2014

July 18th, 2016

I had a transcription made the audio of a hypnosis session from the summer of 2014. I wrote about that extensively at the time, and that post is linked HERE. This was a past life regression conducted by London based therapist Lorraine Flaherty.

My goal was to address the source of my bouts of clinical depression, and it was extremely successful. I experienced key moments isn what seemed to have been a past life, and a very sad death. There was a distinct change in the quality of my life that began right when I opened my eyes after the session. 

This was not a hypnosis session where we tried to retrieve UFO memories. But, Lorraine did address these issues at the end of my time being hypnotized. I have included the transcript of that portion below. 

When we first began, Lorraine asked me if there was anyone else (or any other energy) in the room. She asked me again later in the session, and for the next 25 minutes she asked me questions and I gave my answers. This was focused on my UFO experiences. Reading this and hearing the audio has been fascinating. I cannot in anyway vouch that what I said is true, but what I can say is that it feels truthful. It may not be a literal truth, but more a metaphoric kind of honesty. 


Richard Dolan / 2010 interview on AD

April 5th, 2016

An audio interview from October 2010.

If you’ve found your way to this site, you're probably quite aware of Richard Dolan. He is the author of two great big books, volumes one and two in a series, entitled UFOs and the National Security State. And very shortly there will be a third book on the shelves titled A.D. AFTER DISCLOSURE, The People’s Guide to Life After Contact.

2010 interview with Richard Dolan linked HERE

Christopher Knowles - Impromptu session from 2010

April 5th, 2016

From a post back in 2010. This wasn’t a formal interview, both of us were speculating off the cuff about what might be unfolding. We ended up overlapping the core subjects of both of our ongoing writings and viewpoints. The conversation ended up getting pretty deep, until we were pondering the search for God.
Balloons? UFOs? Are these a deep reflection of our place in the universe?
(link to the post from 2010)

Mac Tonnies audio clips

April 4th, 2016

Presented here is about 14 minutes of clips with my friend Mac Tonnies. These were part of a 2010 appearance on Whitley Strieber's DREAMLAND, where I spoke about my friendship with Mac. 

I need to than Tim Binnall from Binnall of America for his permission to use these clips. I also need to than Coast to Coast AM. He appeared with George Noory less than two weeks before his passing. 

Lampshade dream and a blue orb

April 4th, 2016

This was the audio on a post from 2010 that had a dead-link. I am re-adding the audio here to make sure all the links are up and live.

LINK to the post tiled: Vivid dream and blue orb

Mel Fabregas comments about our interview

March 14th, 2016

Mel Fabregas from VERITAS Radio has an odd experience within minutes of finalizing an audio interview for his site.

Palindromes Drama, as heard on NPR

March 2nd, 2016

I got interviewed by Robert Siegel on NPR's Morning Edition. He got some non-actors to play roles in a very short excerpt of my one-act theatrical work, THE PALINDROME DRAMA. This was a novelty play, with all dialog in palindromes. No UFOs, but it comes in with a tidy 3:33 time count.


Thoughts on a documentary on hold

February 19th, 2016

I was involvedd with a documentary on UFO abduction. This happened way back in 2007 and 2008. I've tried to write about it, but the story is sorta long and complicated. I type slow and talk fast, so I recorded it as a podcast. This was recorded in August of 2009. 28 minutes in length.

audio reading from The Messengers

January 22nd, 2016

This is my voice (the author) reading from the book The Messengers. I read the foreword, as well as two short sub-chapters. It runs about 17 minutes. I took it upon myself to read aloud and record it as a short audio file because of my voice. I've had a chest cold over the last week or so, and my normally squeaky voice is much lower.


Hemisync vision

July 23rd, 2015

This audio describes an event while meditating. I had a curious vision while listening to a guided meditation audio. It is tied into what I have been calling my Confirmation Event. 

(link with illustration)

Owls as Archetype read by Ryan Sprague

March 24th, 2015

This is an audio reading of a single chapter from my ongoing owl book. The text is read by author, playwright, actor and journalist, Ryan Sprague. The chapter is still in progress, and there will be some editing and revisions before publication, but this excerpt should give people an idea of the tone of the project.


Kathleen Marden / interview

November 26th, 2014

Kathleen Marden is mostly known for being the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, the first widely publicized UFO abduction case. She has also been an abduction researcher for over two decades as well an author working with both Stanton Friedman and Denice Stoner.

Kathleen recently came forward, publicly sharing her own abduction experiences. This act of bravery is the focus of our interview. This is a big deal, and I wanted to explore the reasons and emotions for her profound decision.


Mary Rodwell / interview

October 2nd, 2014

Mary Rodwell is a former nurse and midwife, and she now works in private practice as a professional counsellor. She is also a hypnotherapist (including past life regressions), Reiki Master as well as researcher and author. 

Mary is also the founder of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, (ACERN). The primary role role of ACERN is to offer professional counselling, support, hypnotherapy and information to individuals and their families with anomalous paranormal experiences, particularly specializing in abduction-contact experiences. This is not a research organization, it is a resource for therapeutic counseling and support.

The focus of this conversation was on the tensions within the UFO research community. Specificly when folks are confronted with reports and experiences well beyond the simplistic materialist framework that defines our existence. This subject forces any thoughtful observer to look deeply into the multi-dimensional aspects of not only UFOs, but reality itself.

Andy Colvin / interview 2013

September 30th, 2014

This interview was recorded over a year ago. I am embarrassed to say that it just sat on my computer until today. Right after we recorded it, some life stuff came up, and I lost track of it.

This conversation was to promote the book Flying Saucer to the Center of Your Mind, a collection of magazine articles and lectures by, John Keel, the man many consider to be not only the 20th Century’s premiere Fortean investigator.

Dr. Karla Turner and her husband from 1993

September 25th, 2014

Dr. Karla Turner and her husband Casey Turner talk about their abduction experiences and human surveillance. This presentation is  from 1993. Her work is extremely important to know about and is rarely discussed by mainstream ufologists. She thanks Bob at the beginning of her talk, and that would be Bob Brown who hosted the earlier incarnation of the IUFOC. The podium has "Showboat" logo on it, meaning the conference was in Las Vegas. The youtube video is linked HERE.

I have been working to transfer the many youtube presentations by Dr. Karla Turner over to an MP3 audio format. This is a preferable  way to listen to her strong voice. The audio quality is somewhat poor, but the content is riveting. Her husband Elton Casey takes the podium at about the 35:00 time count.

Sherry Wilde / interview

August 26th, 2014

Sherry Wilde was living an idyllic life as a wife, mother and business owner until 1987 when her community experienced a UFO flap. This prompted her to look into her own memories of a missing time event when she was a teenager. What emerged forced Sherry to accept her involvement in a terribly challenging phenomenon.

She was now faced with the indisputable evidence that she had experienced ongoing contact with extra-terrestrial beings, an it had been happening throughout her entire life. This new reality almost pushed her over the edge.


Kewaunne Lapseritis / interview

June 10th, 2014

I read the The Psychic Sasquatch shortly after it first came out in 1998. I had come across whisperings of psychic experiences as well as UFO sightings, in connection to Sasquatch, but this was the book I had ever read on the subject. I was kind of mystified, and the one question that was in the forefront of my mind, was who was this author? Well, I met him in February of 2014, and after about ten seconds of talking with him it all became clear.

Kewaunne Lapseritis is a tall strong man who stands straight up with a power that that impressed me. He spoke about his experiences with both ETs and Sasquatch with a forthrightness in a way that I found oddly soothing. I liked the guy enormously. 


the crew from Open Minds / interview

June 4th, 2014

Alejandro Rojas, Jason McClellan and Maureen Elsberry all work together at Open Minds. We talk with me about some of the challenges of putting on a UFO conference as well as there roles as full time UFO journalists. I asked them their thoughts about the divide within the UFO community of researchers and enthusiasts, the divergence between the "love and light" crowd and the "nuts and bolts" crowd. Those might seem strong terms, but there is a whole lotta truth in these caricatures. I really noticed this tension when I was at this years conference as a speaker, my talk was decidedly on the "love and light" side of that divide. 
We talk together for about an hour. At the end I've added about an excerpt from an interview with Richard Dolan that happened in March of this year. The extra clip is about  twenty minutes long, and we address some of the same issues that showed up in the opening part of the podcast. This interview with Rich is recommended, linked HERE.

Brett Oldham / interview

May 25th, 2014

Bret is the author of the book Children Of The Greys, his own account of a lifetime of traumatic alien encounters. In this book he shares his own emotions of the challenging interactions with these small gray beings. He describes mind control experiments, sexual interludes, healings, unexplainable scars, hybrids, an incredible multiple abduction with another witness and a fetus being taken and the bizarre paranormal connection. The book concludes with theories and insights into the possible alien agenda by some of the leading experts on UFO and alien abduction.


Trish and Rob MacGregor / interview on Synchronicity Highway

May 15th, 2014

Synchronicity (or meaningful coincidence) has been at the forefront of both Trish and Rob's journalistic output for the last bunch of years. The cover the topic well, with a focus on the stories as well as the speculation of what it might mean. Their latest book, a follow up to Aliens in the Backyard, is The Synchronicity Highway, with the sub-title, Exploring Coincidence, the Paranormal and Alien Contact.


excerpt from Slaughterhouse Five

March 3rd, 2014

Reading Slaughterhouse Five (1969) by Kurt Vonnegut was a defining right of passage in the 70's. Here's an 11 minute excerpt where Billy Pilgrim tries to understand time as explained by the Trafalmadorians. This is part of an audio interview with researcher Richard Dolan.

Richard Dolan / interview

March 3rd, 2014

Richard Dolan steps out of his role as academic historian, and gets down to the challenging task of trying to untangle the frenetic weirdness that permeates the UFO abduction lore. This was a really fun  and untethered back and forth conversation. We were all over the map at we attempted to dig into the stuff that too many want to ignore. We tried to examine the gulf between the Nuts and Bolts crowd and the Love and Lighters. Each divergent side of the UFO community are easily praised and ridiculed (and we do a little of both).


Suzanne Chancellor / interview

March 1st, 2014

My pal Suzanne and I finally get around to doing an interview—with each other!

Suzanne has had lifelong ongoing direct contact experiences with whatever might be behind the UFO mystery. Alas, no easy answers. She runs a blog where she shares her memories and challenges, and she also has a podcast series where she interviews UFO experiencers as well as abduction researchers. (Does this remind you of anyone?)


Brad Steiger / interview 2014

January 11th, 2014

Brad Steiger is one of the hard working giants in this field. I was delighted and honored to spend an hour in conversation listening to his deep, hypnotic voice. He shares many of his owl personal experiences, and he comes across as less an author and more of a mystic.

There is another excellent interview with Brad from 2011 (linked HERE). These two interviews will play well side-by-side, creating (in a sort) a full two-hour interview. The order doesn't matter, and none of the information overlaps. Each of these audio interviews are just a little over one-hour long.


Kelly Cahill / interview

December 18th, 2013

This is the audio track from an interview with Australian abductee Kelly Cahill. The sound was lifted from a 5 part series of youtube videos, and they are all edited together for easier listening. This interview probably took place sometime in the late 1990's.

Kelly has a remarkable and well documented case. In August 1993, the then 27-year-old Kelly and her husband and three children were driving home after a visiting a friend. On a rural road on the drive home the car was stopped by a large disc shaped craft and an abduction occurred. This event was witnessed by several other people from different locations, making it a highly credible event. 

This is the audio track from an interview with Australian abductee Kelly Cahill. The sound was lifted from a 5 part series of youtube videos, and they are all edited together for easier listening. This interview probably took place sometime in the late 1990's.

Kelly has a remarkable and well documented case. In August 1993, the then 27-year-old Kelly and her husband and three children were driving home after a visiting a friend. On a rural road on the drive home the car was stopped by a large disc shaped craft and an abduction occurred. This event was witnessed by several other people from different locations, making it a highly credible event.

There is a very interesting bit that Kelly shares about the birth of her son, it comes late in the interview at the 43:00 time count.


Bert Janssen and Heather Clewett-Jachowski / interview

November 11th, 2013

Bert and Heather are a husband and wife team doing crop circle and ancient sacred site research in the southern UK. They also have a very powerful story to tell that features a white owl. We spend most of our time digging into that event, which took place in May of 2011.

The way this interview is framed, the white owl event is in the center of the web, and we try to follow some of the threads outward to see where they lead. I think stories are more interesting than speculation, and this interview features a wealth of really interesting stories. 


Colin Andrews / interview

October 27th, 2013

Colin Andrews brought us the term crop circle. He was one of the initial team of investigators that were looking into the unusual formations that were emerging each year around the world, but with a particularly flurry in southern England.

Along with is wife and co-author, Synthia Andrews, they've just published On the Edge of Reality. This book has the lengthy sub-title: Hidden technology, Powers of the Mind, Quantum Physics, Paranormal Phenomenon, Orbs, UFOs, Harmonic Transmissions and Crop Circles. They could have added this: A bunch of really weird personal experiences too!


Elaine Douglass / interview

October 16th, 2013

There is a dark side to the UFO abduction phenomenon that seems to get lost in the online podcasting scene. Elaine has been digging deep into this research, and her conclusions are at odds with many in the community. What she sees is a cautionary tale, one that challenges my own outlook on these complex issues.

Elaine Douglass has been a UFO investigator for over 25 years. She holds a masters degree from MIT in military policy. She was with MUFON for 25 years as state director of Washington DC and then Utah.


Jerome Clark from a 2009 presentation

October 13th, 2013

Extremely interesting talk given by UFO researcher Jerome Clark. He spoke after being presented the Tim Dinsdale Award in 2009. He addresses some of the stranger aspects of UFO reports and how these correlate to mystical events in history.

I lifted this audio from a 4-part youtube presentation. The audio it about 38 minutes long.

Dr. Karla Turner’s final talk from May 7th, 1995

October 6th, 2013

This is an audio recording of Dr. Karla Turner's final presentation recorded in California on May 7th, 1995.

Dr. Karla Turner / Coast to Coast AM 1994

October 4th, 2013

This is a two hour presentation featuring Dr. Karla Turner on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. This 2 hour interview has sort of scratchy audio quality, but really amazing content. 

Mac Tonnies on Coast to Coast / oct 2009

September 25th, 2013

This was Mac's one and only appearance on Coast to Coast AM. You can hear it in George's voice, he was absolutely smitten by Mac.

James Carman / interview

September 25th, 2013

The Hidden Hand is a feature length documentary directed by James Carman. The subject is the UFO phenomenon and all it’s complexities. A few years back I got to hang out with James in my old neighborhood in New York City. I’ve seen him a bunch more times at UFO conferences where he was hard at work on this documentary.

James is a really sensitive and thoughtful guy, and this film reflects the way he looks at the challenges that are running through the overall UFO phenomenon.


Dr. Karla Turner / audio presentation from 1994

September 21st, 2013

Dr. Karla Turner was an author, abduction researcher and UFO abductee. This is the audio from a youtube presentation where she spoke at a conference in 1994. She died in 1995. This audio is two hours long. Sorry for the poor audio quality.


Dr. Karla Turner / audio presentation from 1995

September 21st, 2013

Dr. Karla Turner was an author, abduction researcher and UFO abductee. This is the audio from a youtube presentation where she spoke at a conference in 1995. She died that same year. This audio is one hour long. Sorry for the poor audio quality.


Dr. John Mack / Transcending the Dualistic Mind

August 16th, 2013

Harvard professor Dr. John Mack gave a two-hour long presentation at the International UFO Congress in 2003 in Laughlin Nevada; the title of his talk was Transcending the Dualistic Mind. This is the audio lifted from a YouTube video of his presentation. Highly recommended.

Dr. John Mack and Budd Hopkins in conversation

August 15th, 2013

Legendary Alien Abduction Researchers Budd Hopkins and John Mack, M.D. come together to discuss what they've learned from working with people who report the experience of being abducted by Aliens. Hopkins and Mack rarely appeared together in public forums, this is a rare and heart felt presentation. Originally taped in 1997.

This is an audio transfer from a you-tube video (below). The audio quality is pretty good considering the source, the actual content is excellent.


Suzanne Gordon, Ph.D. / interview

August 13th, 2013

Suzanne Gordon speaks about her research into the Near Death Experience (NDE) something she has experienced herself. 

During the interview she listed off some things reported as after effects to the NDE. Everything on this checklist closely matches what is being reported by people who claim UFO abductions, enough so that I realized I needed to talk with her. She even described these folks as suffering from the trauma of enlightenment, that was something that really hit home for me.

The audio posted here wasn’t meant to be a public podcast, it was just our initial hello after exchanging a few emails. By the end of two hours we both realized that we had achieved something really powerful. I am amazed at how deep we managed to dig during our conversation and I am so glad I recorded it.

During our conversation she uses an acronym I had never heard before, but I like a lot. She referred to STEs (Spiritually Transformative Experiences). 


Jim Moroney / interview

June 21st, 2013

I first heard Jim interviewed on the Open Minds audio series with Alejandro Rojas. During that show he spoke at length about a 1987 abduction event that happened in the parking lot of a truck stop along the Trans-Canadian Highway. I was very impressed and I later read his book, or more correctly, listened to it. At the end of this interview I include an excerpt from his book.

Jim walks the fine line between being analytical as well as open bout the spiritual and optimistic aspects of the overall encounter phenomenon. It was this contrast that I wanted to explore, as well as his own experience as he worked to integrate these challenging life events.

The book is titled; The Extraterrestrial Answer Book with the sub-title; UFOs, Alien Abductions and the Coming ET Presence.


audio excerpt from Whitley Strieber’s Transformation

June 21st, 2013

I am posting the final 12 minutes of the audio book Transformation by Whitley Strieber. The text is read beautifully by Roddy McDowell. This book was published in 1988 as a follow up to Communion published a year earlier.

The thoughts presented in this conclusion were written over a quarter century ago, and sadly, the UFO community (if there is such a thing) is still shy to even contemplate these ideas. To me, this avoidance of the core mystery is a sad insight into the workings of the timid human psyche.

I am posting this audio as a reminder that there are much grander questions at play than simply are UFOs real.

As a boy I remember declaring that Roddy McDowell was my favorite actor. This would have been in the era of The Planet of the Apes series and The Poseidon Adventure. My admiration remains. Whitley once commented that Roddy McDowell was very supportive of the his work.

Budd Hopkins / 2007 interview

April 25th, 2013

I was involved in a documentary on UFO abductions back in 2007. The project was never completed but we came away with some really interesting footage. What I'm sharing here is the audio from a video interview with Budd Hopkins in his New York City home. You can hear the street noise in the background, a sound I truly love.

You can also hear the nervousness in my voice as I speak with Budd. He was asking me some emotional questions and at the time I was wrapped so tight that I didn't give him very clear answers. In this audio I edit in the answers I didn't give then.

It was tense listening to the person I was then, and I was obviously stressed out as I added new audio seven years later. I swear in frustration within the first few seconds of this podcast. I should probably edit that out, but it really seems to accurately capture my state of mind.

This was a hard thing for me to create. Partially my own emotions are still so raw, but more that it just feels sad that Budd is gone. I feel absolutely blessed that I had the chance to spend time with this thoughtful and kind man.


Jim Marrs / interview

April 23rd, 2013

This guy shouldn't really need any kind of introduction, anyone who has made it to this site should be familiar with his books and on-line presence.

We cover a long list of topics in this one hour interview. Topics include UFOs, abductions, mind-control, the recent bombings in Boston, the JFK assassination, the global elite, ancient aliens, distorted time—and yes—the very nature of reality!


Rob and Trish MacGregor / inteview

April 16th, 2013

The book Aliens in the Backyard has the word synchronicity right on it's cover. The overall abduction phenomenon might seem to have a defined set of boundaries, those crumble when you examine it more closely. Then you realize it's a lot more mysterious than just little scientists coming to visit us on metal spaceships.

Trish and Rob have written a book that looks at some of the more bizarre aspects of the overall lore surrounding UFOs. Their examination of the phenomenon includes divergent topics like synchronicity, psychic experiences, the occult, planetary empaths and the military aspects. They are both professional writers and their skill shows through in the well written book. It is also a personal journey where the authors play a role, so it reads like a first person detective story.


HANGAR 18 excerpt

February 1st, 2013

Robbie Graham and Linda Moulton Howe team up to dig into the 1980 movie HANGAR 18 and it's CIA influence. The audio interview is played out in two parts. The movie is a heavy handed conspiracy story that premiered at the same time the Roswell crashed saucer story emerged into the public consciousness. Robbie's excellent research makes a compelling argument that something very strange happened involving the CIA, Sunn Classic Pictures, Schick Razors, NASA, The Mormons and The Knights of Malta.

The two minute audio clip seems to be part of some sort of agenda. Ham-bone actor Darren McGavin reads from a document that sounds suspiciously like something Linda Moulton Howe was asked to read in 1983.

Article with multiple links HERE.

Bridget Nielsen / interview

February 1st, 2013

Bridget runs a website titled Hybrid Children Community. In less than a year she has had an awakening experience where she is in telepathic connection with more than one of her children. These are off-world alien human hybrid children. After starting her website she has been contacted by lots of men and women who have their own hybrid children.

Yes, I am fully aware that this is far out stuff. But it fits a very real pattern of reported experiences. What is most fascinating is Bridget's public conviction and the her lightning fast emergence onto the public stage.


Freeman Fly / interview

January 5th, 2013

Don't ask me why, but people who clim first hand UFO contact experience also tend to be absorbed in conspiracy research. Nobody fits that better than Freeman. I've been following this guy off and on for years and part of me is mystified and the other part is fascinated.

Freeman (a pseudonym) has a pretty impressive web presence. He has an audio podcast series as well as a huge load of videos. As i prepped for this interview I got absorbed in both. I've included two videos below, and remember, these were created by someone who's had direct contact with UFOs.


Yvonne Smith / interview

December 15th, 2012

Yvonne Smith is a clinical hypnotherapist who began her therapy practice in 1990. She started working with PTSD victims using hypnosis as a way to help them assisting them to work through and cope with their traumatic experiences. She observed that some of her subjects were describing a pattern of alien abduction and other close encounter experiences.

She has worked with Budd Hoppkins and Dr. John Mack as she continued her research with abductees.


Chase Kloetzke / interview

December 11th, 2012

Chase is, among a lot of other things, a UFO field investigator. For the first hour of this interview we look into a very strange set of events in a muddy cornfield with several other witnesses. I had heard her mention this story in some other podcast, and I was amazed at the intensity, and I wanted to understand it better. We look at this one experience in great detail.

Recently, Chase left her role at MUFON after 15 years as a Field Investigator and Star Team manager. We talk about the serious problems at that very political organization and why she felt the need to leave.


Christopher Knowles / movie talk

December 3rd, 2012

There is an almost forgotten genre of film-making that emerged in a narrow chapter of the early 1970's. Within this sub-set is a messy blending of creepy occult, ancient aliens and UFO abduction, and many of these were made for TV movies. Something weird emerged that seems quite evocative looking back on it now. The Ancient Astronaut Theory is interwoven into many of these movies. Adding to the overall strangeness is a blurring between occult satanic themes and the UFO abduction lore.


Peter Robbins / movie talk

December 1st, 2012

Movie talk with my pal Peter Robbins. We dig into a few key movies from the 1950's with a keen focus on The Day the Earth Stood Still. Both of us ramble all over the map as we attempt to make sense of all the little treads that connect - and tangle - cinema and the UFO phenomena.


Peter Robbins / movie talk

December 1st, 2012

Movie talk with my pal Peter Robbins. We dig into a few key movies from the 1950's with a keen focus on The Day the Earth Stood Still. Both of us ramble all over the map as we attempt to make sense of all the little treads that connect - and tangle - cinema and the UFO phenomena.


John Clark / audio presentation

November 28th, 2012

This is an unsettling first-person talk on UFO contact. This is a recording of a presentation by a man using the pen-name John Clark. I read his book (POZAN, 2002) and it is extremely strange and unsettling.

You can hear the shaky quality to his voice during this presentation. He seems fragile and uneasy. In the middle of this talk he sort of awkwardly says: "... and then I tried to end it all, and I found myself in a hospital." This dramatic remark says a lot about the intensity of his set of experiences. I met John at the UFO conference where he made this unnerving presentation in 2008. My heart went out to the guy, he seemed deeply troubled by what had intersected with his life.


Nadine Lalich / interview

November 16th, 2012

Nadine has had a lifetime of direct contact with non-human entities. She is a strong voice for the  people who are having these direct experiences. This is a very serious subject and there are people out there who are suffering with profound challenges because of what they have experienced. Nadine is remarkably even-keeled given the intensity of what she's lived through, and that makes her testimony all the more compelling.

She wrote a book along with her therapist, Barbara Lamb, titled Alien Experiences. She shares her own first hand experiences as well as a series of other accounts from Barbra's files.


Chris Augustin / interview

October 20th, 2012

Chris Augustin has a pragmatic and centered presence, and that's rare within this phenomenon, especially when people talk about their own direct contact experiences. We cover a laundry list of strange events in a matter-of-fact way. In this interview he states that he started researching the paranormal (including UFO abductions) when he was only 15 years old. I was impressed.

We try to dig deep into his personal encounters with the unknown, and there is an obvious kinship with my own experiences. Chris maintains a website called Aliens The Truth. This is a dense collection of reports, information and research on the UFO and other paranormal events.


Grant Cameron / interview

October 18th, 2012

Grant Cameron is a Canadian researcher best known for his research into what the President of the United States may (or may not) know about UFOs. During the interview Grant explains how his previous "nuts and bolts" research led him to the almost mystical connection between consciousness and the UFO phenomena.

Plus, Grant shares his deeply personal involvement in a UFO flap from 1975. This took place along the USA and Canadian border in Alberta. Hearing him explain the profound amount of sightings (including his own) was absolutely riveting.


Susan MacLeod / interview

September 18th, 2012

Susan has had an almost impossible collection of experiences including owls, bats, UFOs, non-physical entities, ghosts, shadow beings, psychic abilities, healing abilities and a Near Death Experience. Having talked to her about other stuff, there is a lot more to add to this already long list. And I feel strongly that all of these things are somehow intertwined.

Plus, she has what is quite possibly the strangest Sasquatch sighting story - EVER!


Mel Fabergas / interview

September 16th, 2012

Me Fabergas hosts an on-line audio interview series called VERITAS. In Latin Veritas means Truth. I follow this show for a number of reasons, one being that it is really nicely produced with excellent audio quality; alas, this is sadly lacking in our podcasting realm.

Here is an excerpt from Mel’s site where he explains a little about VERITAS and himself:

I am going to borrow this quote from Jordan Maxwell. "I am an ordinary man pursuing extraordinary knowledge." That basically sums it up. Most of my expertise is in international business and geopolitics. And I know enough from other subjects but can’t claim to be an expert. That is why I created this show: To find the experts and ask those questions that can help us get closer and closer to the truth.


Jonathan Talat Phillips / interview

August 22nd, 2012

Healer, media activist, and author Jonathan Talat Phillips joins me to discuss his own experiences and his book, The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic. In this interview we talk about to his path from darkness to light.

In this interview Talat and I talk about the one subject that might get ignored in more main stream resources, we talk about ALIEN influences in his life journey. We jump back and for the between the role of Christ consciousness and the use of psychedelics in the path of the modern shamanic initiate.


Lorin Cutts / interview

August 8th, 2012

Author, researcher and radio host.


Richard Dolan / in conversation

July 30th, 2012

On Saturday night, July 28th, I was a call in guest for one hour on Richard Dolan's audio program, called TRUTH OUT RADIO. We spoke together about UFOs, abductions and sychronicities.

In the final minutes the topic turned to Mac Tonnies, and i brought up the essays we both wrote about cats and how they are a metaphor fort the UFO contact experience. I added an 11 minute clip from a previous podcast where I put two essays side by side, mine and Mac's.

There is also another segment where Richard gives a scathing critique of MUFON. He said what I have been thinking, and it needs to be shared!


interview David Weatherly

July 24th, 2012

David Weatherly is a paranormal investigator and author. He’s been actively researching a wide range of paranormal weirdness for over 35 years, that means he started in his teens! He is the author of the recent book The Black Eyed Children.

Since childhood, David has studied Shamanic and magical traditions with elders from numerous cultures including Tibet, Native America, Europe and Africa. When I asked if he was a Shaman, he answered: “Yes, I am.” That was the answer I wanted!


Charis Melina Brown / interview

July 20th, 2012

There is a pattern of young women coming forward with their experiences in a really bold way. Charis is a perfect example of one of these women, and she like the others, calls herself a Star-Seed.

Charis seems to match a sub-group of human kind that Dolores Cannon writes about in her book The Three Waves of the Volunteers and the New Earth. Charis fits neatly into the third wave. I’ll add that I seem to fit into the second wave, as does Charis’ father. We talk spend a lot of time talking about these separate waves of people with very telling UFO experiences.


Robert Stanley / interview

June 18th, 2012

I feel crummy admitting this, but haven’t read either of Robert’s books. That said, I have listened to a lot of his audio interviews. I feel like I had a pretty good insight into key episodes of his life, and I really wanted to hear more because I thought he had a lot to offer. Our conversation strays well beyond the boundaries of just UFOs in the skies and alien entities in our lives. There is something far more complex going on; there is an overall richness to this phenomenon that gives me hope.

Formerly a corporate journalist, Robert is currently the editor of UNICUS magazine.

He is the author of two books on the UFO phenomenon; CLOSE ENCOUNTERS ON CAPITOL HILL (2006) and COVERT ENCOUNTERS IN WASHINGTON, D.C. (2011).


Preston Dennett / interview

May 27th, 2012

I’ve always been intrigued by Preston Dennet. My only real exposure to him was from a few radio programs. My impression was that there was more going on than I was hearing in these short interviews. I mean, the guy has been researching UFOs for over a quarter of a century, he must have some ideas about what’s going on. That said, I feel like we both dug deep in this long conversation.

Preston Dennett began investigating UFOs and the paranormal in 1986 when he discovered that his family, friends and co-workers were having dramatic unexplained encounters. In the last 25 years he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and investigated a wide variety of paranormal phenomena. He is a field investigator for MUFON, a ghost hunter, a paranormal researcher, and the author of fifteen books and more than 100 articles on UFOs and the paranormal.


Barbara Lamb / interview

May 19th, 2012

There is a very curious pattern within the UFO abduction research community, more than a few of these dedicated researchers are also UFO abductees themselves. Barbara Lamb is both, she has had her own contact experiences as well as over 20 years of active research as a therapist.


Jason Horsley / interview

March 26th, 2012

Jason Horsley is a writer, scholar, former podcaster and misadventurer. You might know him by his pseudonym Aeolus Kephas, or Jason Kephas, or just Jake. Who and what he might be is difficult to pin down. He wrote a book that I very much liked titled THE LUCID VIEW.

I do my best to keep up with Jason's mind, and hopefully there is plenty to chew on in this interview. We also talk about God, UFO abductions, unconscious filters, Jesus, Dr. Steven Greer, the ego and the metaphoric map.


Arthur C. Clarke and multiple UFO sightings

March 19th, 2012

Arthur C. Clarke claims to seen UFOs, and potentially more than a few of 'em. This is a short audio essay where I link together a few clips from Dr. Leo Sprinkle and Clarke himself. The implications are curious.

Only six minutes long.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley / interview

March 6th, 2012

Rosemary is one of the rare experts on wide range of paranormal phenomena. She's authored more than 50 books on wide range of occult, spiritual, and mystical topics. She has been a full-time researcher since 1983, and her present focus has been inter-dimensional entity contact experiences (including UFO abduction accounts), problem hauntings, Shadow People, the Djinn and portals or geographic areas of intense paranormal activity.

During our conversation we attempt to avoid the tiny boxes that confine too much of the research, instead we speculate about the meta-phenomena that could be at the core of the many divergent experiences. We jump from the Djinn to UFO abduction to owls and faeries.


owls and sychronicity with Micah Hanks

February 16th, 2012

Micah Hanks invited me to talk about owls and synchronicity on his GRALIEN REPORT podcast. We both bat around the owl meme and what it might imply. I share a few of my owl experiences and Micah tries to interpret their meaning. We spoke for about 45 minutes, and that conversation is logged on the audio-file below.


Darryl Anka / interview

February 16th, 2012

Darryl Anka claims to have direct contact with a higher dimensional being who goes by the name of Bashar. This ability was set into motion by two close UFO sightings in 1973.

This stuff is easy to parody, but I take it seriously. It seems like I'm one of the few individuals that will acknowledge that channeled information is interwoven into the overall UFO phenomenon. There is an unmistakable pattern of people who claim the direct contact experience who will also say that they channel.


Jordan Maxwell / syncronicities and reptilians

February 13th, 2012

Profound synchronicities are intertwined with the life of a researcher out at the edge. This is a follow-up audio clip from Jordan Maxwell. It's a companion to a post from last week, posted below.

Fireballs from heaven, the International House of Pancakes, ritual magic and giant reptilians. These are all part of this 22 minute audio excerpt.


Jordan Maxwell / UFO encounters

February 13th, 2012

Jordan Maxwell tells a first person experience in his youth that I found absolutely fascinating. I am posting a short (22 minute) excerpt of this audio interview. This experience took place when he was a teenager in 1959 in North Hollywood. It involves UFOs and a defining life experience.


Whitley Strieber / interview

January 20th, 2012

If anyone has made it to my site, there shouldn’t be any need to introduce Whitley Strieber.

His most recent book is titled SOLVING THE COMMUNION ENIGMA. During our conversation we attempt to articulate what it might mean to SOLVE this elusive enigma. In this book, and in the original COMMUNION from 25 years ago, there is a relentless kind of thoughtful questioning. It is both wide-ranging and deeply personal.

Whitley said this when attempting to define the overall phenomenon: This might be what the force of evolution looks like when it is applied to a conscious mind. This quote might seem like a clever mind-puzzle, but it forms the foundation of his recent book, and this interview.


William Henry / interview

January 19th, 2012

William Henry calls himself an investigative Mythologyst, and that’s a term I really like. I’ve followed his work for the last decade, and I am continually impressed with his ideas and insights. He has researched ancient Egyptian artwork, pre-Renaissance art, gnostic texts and hidden messages within the world's mythology.


Alan Abbadessa Green / interview

December 3rd, 2011

Alan just published a book on a subject dear to my heart, synchronicity. He payed the role of editor and collected 26 essays on the subject and compiled them under the title THE SYNC BOOK.

During the podcast Alan shares a personal experience that transcends mere synchronicty, and feels more like direct contact with a mystical overlord. This ethereal presence claims to be communicating from Sirius! This is the kind of thing that gets my attention.

Topics discussed include: The 9-11 mega-ritual, Jake Kotze, UFO’s, the contact experience, spiritual journeys, lottery tickets, 2001: A SPACE ODDESY, Charlton Heston in PLANET OF THE APES, Jared Lee Loughner and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, owls, communications from Sirius, direct gnosis, Steve Willner, David Bowman, David Bowie, stuffy academics and Osiris.


Peter Robbins / interview

November 7th, 2011

For over 30 years Peter worked closely with Budd Hopkins, during a chapter of history where the UFO abduction phenomenon first made it's way into the public's psyche. Together, Peter and I spend over two-hours in conversation about Budd and his life as an artist and researcher.


Jeff Kripal / interview

November 6th, 2011

The book MUTANTS AND MYSTICS explores the how comic books and science fiction are somehow intertwined with profound mystical experiences, including the UFO contact lore. This is the kinda stuff that gets my attention!

Delving deeply into the work of major figures in the field—from Jack Kirby’s cosmic superhero sagas and Philip K. Dick’s futuristic head-trips to Alan Moore’s sex magic and Whitley Strieber’s communion with visitors, this book explores how creators turned to science fiction to convey the reality of the inexplicable and the paranormal they experienced in their lives. Expanded consciousness found its language in the metaphors of sci-fi and the incredible powers of the comic book super hero. From gnostic revelation, alien abduction and an awareness of the imaginal.


Alan Caviness / interview

October 31st, 2011

I found Alan's website (linked HERE) when I googled Owls & UFOs, and this took me to a fascinating report titled The Owl & Deer Incidents. This report was written in such a careful and thorough way, that it intrigued me to dig deeper into his site. As I read more, I realized that Alan is more than just a researcher, he's also an abductee. This combination is fascinating to me, and I realized I needed to interview him.

We cover a wealth of subjects including: UFOs, owls, the abduction phenomenon, synchronicities, military involvement, the term "compelled" and it's implications, and trying to remain objective as a researcher.


Fred Burks / interview

October 20th, 2011

Fred Burks is a very dedicated researcher who is trying to make known horrors of mind control. He has been working hard to share reliable verifiable information on this challenging subject. He has a web-site called WANT TO KNOW, where he has been cataloging a wealth of substantiated documentation.

We went into the deep waters, and looked at UFOs, alternate realms, time travel, 2012, occult rituals, Dr. Steven Greer and Luciferian agendas. Somehow, these concepts are interwoven int the claims of the people who report trauma based mind-control.


Walter Bosley / interview

October 2nd, 2011

The book EMPIRE OF THE WHEEL is a true crime mystery, but within it’s pages, more questions are raised than answered.

Murder, espionage and occult rituals are all intertwined in the narrative of this book. It doesn’t end there, because synchronicities, odd coincidences and un-answered questions were all part of the process of researching this eerie case. To make things even stranger, it has connections to the Zodiac killer from the 1960's.


Sesh Heri / interview

September 8th, 2011

Sesh Heri is the author of a fascinating book titled THE HANDPRINT OF ATLAS. This book is a study of topographical emergence, a term he coined to better understand the deeper meaning of ley lines and their impact on our consciousness. We mostly focus on this book and his remarkable conclusions, but the more interesting aspect to this story is how his research is all wrapped up in his own personal journey.


Trish and Rob MacGregor / inteview

July 28th, 2011

Synchronicity is an an elusive subject, but it's been the focus of the last three books written together by the husband and wife team of Trish and Rob MacGregor. They've also created a website with a daily posting about synchronicity called Synchro Secrets.


Brad Steiger / interview 2011

June 21st, 2011

Brad Steiger is one of the hard working giants in this field. I was delighted and honored to spend an hour listening to his deep voice on subjects that I find profoundly interesting.

Brad and his wife, Sherry Hansen Steiger, just published a book titled Real Aliens, Space Beings and Creatures form Other Worlds.

This interview is focused on only three chapters of the book; Contactees, Abductees and The Star People. The implications of these subjects is the stuff that absolutely fascinates me. It was a delight to get to ask Mr. Steiger for his insights on these mysterious topics.


Nick Redfern / interview / men in black

June 18th, 2011

Nick Redfern is back! This is his third visit, and he shares details and insights from his latest book, THE REAL MEN IN BLACK.

This is a look into the elusive stories of these denizens of the outer edge of an already strange phenomenon. Nick talks about the reports of MIBs throughout the modern era of the UFO phenomenon, as well as recent tales from people who are presently experiencing high strangeness.

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