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Joe Montaldo / interview / part TWO

June 6th, 2011

Part TWO of the audio interview (part one below).

This guy is on fire with a mission, and he is forging ahead with his work. He takes the role of "communicator" seriously!


Joe Montaldo / interview / part ONE

June 6th, 2011

Joe is one intense dude!

Get ready, this is a whirlwind interview. This guy has a way of stating some pretty hard to grasp stuff and then just roling on to the next thing. I needed to jump in a bunch of times and get him to clairify where he got that info. I felt like I played a good role during this interview, because I got Joe to share some pretty impressive findings.

Joe Montaldo has been doing UFO research for almost 30 years. He's is Co-Founder, International Director and Spokesperson for I.C.A.R. the International Community for Alien Research. The organization's main focus is on Alien Abductions and the Alien Agenda. I.C.A.R. claims to have investigated over 5000 cases of Alien contact and abductions.

He is also the host of the on-line radio program, UFO Undercover, with a focus on the alien abduction phenomenon.

Christopher Knowles / interview on the ECH

May 30th, 2011

Christopher Knowles has coined a new term, The ELUSIVE COMPANION HYPOTHESIS (the ECH) as a way to better articulate the elusive meta-weirdness that surrounds the UFO phenomenon.

This term emerged during a series of five excellent posts on his blog, THE SECRET SUN. This set of farsighted essays paints a swirling entanglement of UFOs, Jack Kirby, Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, ancient astronauts, synchronicities, The Watchers, science fiction, nightmares, human evolution - and - alien abductees.

We dig into all those topics, and more. I also ask him about a very creepy glowing figure he saw last summer at night with his dog, and this experience is downright (sorry to use the word, but) paranormal!


Micah Hanks / interview

May 11th, 2011

Micah and I ponder the mystical implications of the Wizard in the Backyard (whatever that means) and lots more.

Micah is the author of MAGIC, MYSTICISM & the MOLECULE. This book explores many of the mysteries of human consciousness that have alluded mystics and scholars for centuries. It is an in depth investigation and analyses of the convergence of psychology, the paranormal, and historical mystical practices dating back to the dawn of humanity.


Dr. Janet Elizabeth Colli

May 1st, 2011

During the interview we ponder the term “subtle realms” as way to describe the indescribable. We attempt to name a place just beyond our grasp, what it might mean. I asked how her patients report their “altered states” of consciousness. Can you try and describe that realm. And how her role as a therapist attempt to re-access these altered states of consciousness?

During the interview I share a personal experience with, what might be, that very strange ALTERED REALITY realm. And follow it up with a funny dream of the UFO in my brother’s garage. Dr. Colli is a therapist, and during our conversation I speak quite openly about my dealings with clinical depression. I was very tempted to edit out this section of the interview because it I talk about some very personal stuff. But I really feel that it’s relevant to some of the bigger questions that we attempt to unravel.


Greg Bishop / interview

April 27th, 2011

This is a wide ranging conversation that goes all over the map. We attempt to make sense out of some of the more elusive topics in the already confusing realm of the UFO phenomenon.

Greg is an author of a UFO book without any UFO's. PROJECT BETA is sub-titled: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth. It deals with the confusing issues that arise when the government uses UFOs as an aggressive form of disinformation, and how insanity can follow.

And just so y'know, we never really mention the book during this interviw. This seems to proove that Greg is not using my humble blog to try and shamelessly promote his book. That said, I feel strongly that you should go out and buy it.

We also look into Greg's very own UFO sighting from last month. He saw a curious object sit frozen in the sky despite high winds.


Phil Imbrogno / interview on high strangeness

April 17th, 2011

Philip J. Imbrogno is a scientist.

That said, he sure ain’t timid about jumping into some of the deepest waters of the paranormal phenomenon and all its associated weirdness.

This interview is focused mostly on the abduction phenomenon, and how it has evolved over the decades. Plus, we attempt to connect a few dots as to how this phenomenon is intertwined with other paranormal strangeness.


Marisa Ryan / psychic session

April 11th, 2011

This morning I found an almost forgotten digital audio file on my computer. It was a recorded audio session with myself and a skilled psychic named Marisa Ryan. When I re-listened to it, I was struck by a a few things. First, I was impressed by how accurate she was with her set of insights about me and my on-going weirdness. The other was how freakin' anxious and tormented I sound!
This session with Marisa is just a little over two years old, and my voice from that point in my life seems a lot different than how I'm feeling today. At least I hope so. I've added some updated editorializing to the original session.

Audio essay from LUMINOSITY

March 23rd, 2011

This morning I read a blog posting from site called LUMINOSITY. The essay that totally amazed me. I felt totally compelled to record it, with me reading aloud, as an audio essay.

Dan Mitchell wrote it and the essay is titled Approaching the Post Human Self. It describes his profoundly intense first-person experiences the night of the super moon.

Below is a short excerpt from the fascinating post.

"Within moments of looking at this light I found myself no longer standing in my backyard, but in a large open room. Whether I was taken on board some kind of aerial craft, I cannot say for certain. What I will say is that the experience at this point became more real than my own waking conscious is capable of perceiving even on my sharpest days. In other words, I was more conscious than I normally am, and I was in a room that had clearer and sharper angles than anything I had ever seen in my life.

It was almost as if I had left the human sphere entirely and entered into a place that was more real than this world. I felt unimaginably well although I felt puzzled at the same time. This part of the experience leads me to believe I was neither in or out of body, which really makes no sense."

(link to Dan's blog)

Nick Redfern / interview on the ETH

March 12th, 2011

The acronym ETH stands for Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis, and it's long been the mainstay of how we look at the UFO phenomenon. The easy way to wrap your head around the flying saucer mystery is to simply declare that this mystery has it's home in outer space. But, there is something much more bizarre going on here, and the ETH falls apart if you really look at it. As Nick says, it's not just that it's weird, it's TOO weird.

Kim Carlsberg / inteview

January 17th, 2011

Kim is the author of a book titled Beyond My Wildest Dreams, with illustrations by Darryl Anka. She is also the editor of a recent published book titled The Art of Close Encounters which features illustrations and first hand experiences by UFO contactees, along with artwork that depicts their memories.

This was decidedly NOT an interview, instead it was a perfectly enjoyable conversation, seemingly without any framework or direction. But, I feel like we covered more ideas more deeply than we ever could have in a standard interview format.


Dr. Leo Sprinkle / interview

January 5th, 2011

I am perfectly honored to have shared two hours in recorded conversation with Dr. Leo Sprinkle. This man's biography reads like a checklist of every major event in the modern era of UFO research.

He is now 80 years old and at the top of his game. And, after a half century of looking into the UFO phenomenon, he is still open minded and optimistic. I envy his child-like outlook in a realm full of deception and terrifying first hand accounts.

During this interview Leo says: "The map ain't necessarily the territory." That short phrase sums up a lot of our conversation as well as my personal challenges around the UFO phenomenon.


Marla Frees / interview

December 18th, 2010

Marla Frees is a very powerful psychic that palyed an important role in my life. We had a psychic session together in October of 2009 that proved to be rediculously profound. This interview was recorded in April of 2010, as a follow up to our previous session, and as a way to make sense of some ongoing synchronicites in my life.

We are both in great form, and we share insights and personal stories. Much less and interview, and much more a conversation!


Andy Colvin / interview

December 15th, 2010

Andy Colvin witnessed the Mothman as a boy in Charleston West Virginia, and in the aftermath he claims to have had powerful experiences that go well beyond simply seeing a large red-eyed winged creature. And these experiences have followed him to this day.

His obsessive role as a researcher has culminated in three books and a 36-hour documentary (that's not a typo) earning him the title The Mothman Photographer.


Jake Kotze / interview

November 27th, 2010

I love the term Synchromysticism, it was coined by the young enigmatic film-maker, Jake Kotze. From his home in Winnipeg Manitoba, he has creating a series of delightful videos that attempt to define an elusive force that is welling up all around us.

Pop culture is easily dismissed as trite and vapid, and it can be dismissed by those searching for deep metaphysical answers. But hidden within the soup of our mundane movies and TV shows is a path to the divine. We dig deep into psychedelics, interacting with aliens, crop-circles and transformative experiences all interwoven with synchronicities.

His videos can be found here:


Lucretia Heart / interview

November 16th, 2010

Lucretia Heart is a pen name. She shares her abduction and UFO related experiences on a haunting blog titled At Spiral’s End. Her written work is a collection of deeply personal life events.

As a writer, Lucretia has been extremely prolific, there is a huge volume of profound experiences posted on her blog. But somehow, we mange to avoid re-telling too much. Our conversation and it’s details is almost entirely composed of events that have never been shared on-line.

Melinda Leslie / interview

November 9th, 2010

Melinda Leslie has been public with her own abduction experiences for over 18 years. For the last 15 of those years she has been actively researching the involvement of a clandestine group in the lives of abductees. This research into the covert-operations of alien abductees is re-defining both the UFO cover-up and abduction paradigms. She has uncovered an ongoing program of monitoring, harassment and re-abduction of very vulnerable people.

Her years of investigation has meant the accumulation of a lot of data and detailed experiences, including her own. The covert-operations that invade the lives of the abductees be the best evidence for both the reality and importance of UFO abduction experiences.

Recorded November 5th 2010

Mac Tonnies on C2C

November 2nd, 2010

A half hour excerpt of Mac's strong clear voice talking about his final book, The Cryptoterestrials.

He was always a welcome guest on a wide variety of esoteric podcasts, but this performance on C2C was particularly impressive. He beautifully conveys his insights to a very mainstream audience. He had a way of articulating EXACTLY what I feel in my bones. He said it better and clearer than I ever could.

Mac covers a lot in this first half hour, a great intro to anyone unfamiliar with his work. If you listen, you'll be treated to a remarkable set of ideas. You get the sense that George Noory is unwittingly drawn into a deeper place as he talks with Mac.

Recorded September 2009

essays about cats / Mac Tonnies

October 26th, 2010

A short posting where I compare the ideas of Mac Tonnies and an essay I wrote about playing with cats and the UFO phenomenon. Included is Mac reading his own curiously similar story. The written post can be found HERE.

Recorded 2009

Nick Redfern / interview

October 26th, 2010

Nick talks in depth about his new book FINAL EVENTS. Demons, fundamentalism, occult rituals, secret government think tanks, Alister Crowley, heavy-handed satanic deception and plans for global control all collide together.

Recorded September 2010

Christopher Knowles / interview october 2010

October 26th, 2010

On October 13th there was a flurry of UFOs reported above Manhattan. We dig into the inevitable hoax revelations following this kind of thing in the mainstream media, the use of deception as media experiments, the nature of the phenomenon and the various controversies surround it, the strange timing of the NYC “sightings” hot on the heels of all of the stories about UFOs, space travel, exoplanets and much, much more.

Christopher Knowles / interview august 2010

October 26th, 2010

The blurring of ancient mythology and modern pop culture, with a focus on the UFO experience in these turbulent times.

Recorded August 2010.

Christopher Knowles / interview 2009

October 26th, 2010

The author of OUR GODS WEAR SPANDEX tries to unravel the mythic sybology that lurks within our popular culture.

Recorded July 2009.

Regan Lee / interview

October 26th, 2010

A fellow experiencer (and blogger) shares her stories and insights.

Recorded January 2010

Anya Briggs / interview (part 1)

October 26th, 2010

Psychic, experiencer, channel and comedian. A roller-coaster ride into realms within our reach!

Anya Briggs / interview (part 2)

October 26th, 2010

Anya continues sharing her life experiences, and she honors us with a channeled session.

Recorded December 2009

Chuck Weiss / interview

October 26th, 2010

A wide ranging interview about the direct experience of alien abduction and government harassment form a compelling voice for the reality of this strange phenomenon.

One of my very favorite interviews, highly recommended.

Recorded September 2010

Adam Gorightly / interview

October 26th, 2010

Adam Gorightly, self proclaimed crackpot historian comes to the rescue. This guy has a wealth of arcane knowledge and an uncanny skill at connecting very divergent dots in the realm of the bizarre.

Recorded October 2010

Richard Dolan / interview

October 26th, 2010

Rich steps out of his role as UFO historian to talk about his latest book titled AFTER DISCLOSURE.

animal spirit communication with Diana

October 26th, 2010

Connecting with the animal spirit messages, including a oracle reading.

Recorded April 2010

Miriam Delicado / interview

October 26th, 2010

A true contactee with an inspired mission on this earth.

Author of BLUE STAR. Her book is a heartfelt first person story of contact, and as a sincere plea that we, all of us, need to make a collective choice on how we will proceed in the upcoming years.

Miriam has a web site, www.bluestarprophecy.com

Recorded September 2009

Chica Bruce / interview

October 26th, 2010

Chica, properly known as Alexandra Bruce, is the author of a multitude of fascinating books. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the murky paranormal goings on at the notorious Montauk base as well as the cutting edge quantum sciences. Plus, it is a delight to try and keep up with her rapid fire mind.

Recorded September 2010

Christopher O’Brien / interview

October 26th, 2010

Paranormal investigator and author of STALKING THE TRICKSTER.


Recorded December 2009

One hour and 23 minutes long, that's 123!

Walter Bosley / interview

October 26th, 2010

Life experiences with federal investigations, the intelligence community and the paranormal.

Recorded August 2010

Gibbs Williams / interview

October 26th, 2010

Analyzing synchronicities with a Ph.D, interpreting the profound. Gibbs is a practicing psychoanalyst with roots as a de facto Jungian, and he diverged from that path to more deeply explore the pragmatic significance of synchronicities.

Recorded May 2010

Cynthia Crawford / interview

October 26th, 2010

Cynthia is a remarkably warm-hearted person. She is wonderfully open about her extremely strange life experiences. She is known as the ET-Sculpture because of her dedication to creating artwork, that she claims is imbued with extra powers.

Audio recorded Aug. 2010

october 2010 / personal musings

October 26th, 2010

I speak about the intense synchronicities during that month. The month of October 2009 was, without question, one of the most bizarre and impressive things that I've ever experienced.

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