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These audio podcasts are a companion to my blog, Hidden Experience. On that site you’ll find essays on personal experiences, as well as the same audio interviews posted here. The blog has a lot more information than what you’ll find on this site, each interview will have a collection of links for more insights into the guests.

The focus of almost everything here is directed at the UFO abduction phenomenon, and it’s deeply personal impact on real people. Most of these audio files are straight forward interviews, and a few are my own musings where I ponder the strange experiences that manifest just outside the borders of our perception.

Presently, there are over 24 hours of listening collected here. The focus has been the UFO abduction phenomenon, with an emphasis on digging a little deeper what the ‘mainstream’ researchers have been doing, the stories that are emerging are just too fascinating to dismiss. The way these have been posted, things aren’t in any kind of logical order, so I encourage you to search around a little bit.

Also, I struggle with the term interview. I am much more comfortable calling them conversations. There is a difference, and one is much more engaging than the other.

If you have any insights or questions, please visit my blog.

Mike Clelland, 2010

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