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Dr. Janet Elizabeth Colli

May 1st, 2011

During the interview we ponder the term “subtle realms” as way to describe the indescribable. We attempt to name a place just beyond our grasp, what it might mean. I asked how her patients report their “altered states” of consciousness. Can you try and describe that realm. And how her role as a therapist attempt to re-access these altered states of consciousness?

During the interview I share a personal experience with, what might be, that very strange ALTERED REALITY realm. And follow it up with a funny dream of the UFO in my brother’s garage. Dr. Colli is a therapist, and during our conversation I speak quite openly about my dealings with clinical depression. I was very tempted to edit out this section of the interview because it I talk about some very personal stuff. But I really feel that it’s relevant to some of the bigger questions that we attempt to unravel.


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