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Budd Hopkins / 2007 interview

April 25th, 2013

I was involved in a documentary on UFO abductions back in 2007. The project was never completed but we came away with some really interesting footage. What I'm sharing here is the audio from a video interview with Budd Hopkins in his New York City home. You can hear the street noise in the background, a sound I truly love.

You can also hear the nervousness in my voice as I speak with Budd. He was asking me some emotional questions and at the time I was wrapped so tight that I didn't give him very clear answers. In this audio I edit in the answers I didn't give then.

It was tense listening to the person I was then, and I was obviously stressed out as I added new audio seven years later. I swear in frustration within the first few seconds of this podcast. I should probably edit that out, but it really seems to accurately capture my state of mind.

This was a hard thing for me to create. Partially my own emotions are still so raw, but more that it just feels sad that Budd is gone. I feel absolutely blessed that I had the chance to spend time with this thoughtful and kind man.


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