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Entries from November 2011

Peter Robbins / interview

November 7th, 2011 · Comments

For over 30 years Peter worked closely with Budd Hopkins, during a chapter of history where the UFO abduction phenomenon first made it's way into the public's psyche. Together, Peter and I spend over two-hours in conversation about Budd and his life as an artist and researcher.


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Jeff Kripal / interview

November 6th, 2011 · Comments

The book MUTANTS AND MYSTICS explores the how comic books and science fiction are somehow intertwined with profound mystical experiences, including the UFO contact lore. This is the kinda stuff that gets my attention!

Delving deeply into the work of major figures in the field—from Jack Kirby’s cosmic superhero sagas and Philip K. Dick’s futuristic head-trips to Alan Moore’s sex magic and Whitley Strieber’s communion with visitors, this book explores how creators turned to science fiction to convey the reality of the inexplicable and the paranormal they experienced in their lives. Expanded consciousness found its language in the metaphors of sci-fi and the incredible powers of the comic book super hero. From gnostic revelation, alien abduction and an awareness of the imaginal.


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