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Christopher Knowles / interview on the ECH

May 30th, 2011

Christopher Knowles has coined a new term, The ELUSIVE COMPANION HYPOTHESIS (the ECH) as a way to better articulate the elusive meta-weirdness that surrounds the UFO phenomenon.

This term emerged during a series of five excellent posts on his blog, THE SECRET SUN. This set of farsighted essays paints a swirling entanglement of UFOs, Jack Kirby, Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, ancient astronauts, synchronicities, The Watchers, science fiction, nightmares, human evolution - and - alien abductees.

We dig into all those topics, and more. I also ask him about a very creepy glowing figure he saw last summer at night with his dog, and this experience is downright (sorry to use the word, but) paranormal!


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