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owls and sychronicity with Micah Hanks

February 16th, 2012

Micah Hanks invited me to talk about owls and synchronicity on his GRALIEN REPORT podcast. We both bat around the owl meme and what it might imply. I share a few of my owl experiences and Micah tries to interpret their meaning. We spoke for about 45 minutes, and that conversation is logged on the audio-file below.



  • pendomatic

    You mention how profound conversation may influence an event. I thought you might be interested in an idea in Kabbalah of pulling earth to heaven and to bring heaven down to earth. in my practice it seems these mystical moments are doing just that. A sort of reflection on the supernal in reality. Now while I don’t agree with all the odds and ends of kabalah, many of these grander ideas pretty on the mark. For me the 1 on 1 seems to allow for more impressive results, and the terminology seems to get broader and broader to allow for less misunderstanding and requires much trust that you’re not being misunderstood, until you reach a manner of more perfect understanding, or an interesting event occurs. personally it can occur but seems less impactful (though that may be personally). But generally leads to a longer period of alteration.

    Apr 3, 2012 at 5:21 am
  • Sarah

    Hi Mike,

    My apologies for posting a long comment. The “Contact Me” link on your website doesn’t seem to be working tonight.

    I stumbled upon your blog a couple of months ago while searching for information on missing-time-like experiences (It was actually more of a missing space experience. I don’t really know what to call it hence the search.) and have been hooked ever since. The podcasts are my favorite. Your interview style is awesome.

    I just concluded a week of housesitting during which I had several screech owl encounters. First one, then two, concluding with the most amazing three-owls-right-in-the-backyard event last night. I have been a birder since childhood and have never spotted three owls of any sort at the same time. I’m thinking that hearing your owl stories may have helped to manifest them. Afterwards I went upstairs and listened to the owls/Micah Hanks podcast again and then your interview with Rosemary Guiley. Thanks for your insight.


    Jul 22, 2012 at 10:29 pm