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Christopher Knowles / interview on the ECH

May 30th, 2011

Christopher Knowles has coined a new term, The ELUSIVE COMPANION HYPOTHESIS (the ECH) as a way to better articulate the elusive meta-weirdness that surrounds the UFO phenomenon.

This term emerged during a series of five excellent posts on his blog, THE SECRET SUN. This set of farsighted essays paints a swirling entanglement of UFOs, Jack Kirby, Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, ancient astronauts, synchronicities, The Watchers, science fiction, nightmares, human evolution - and - alien abductees.

We dig into all those topics, and more. I also ask him about a very creepy glowing figure he saw last summer at night with his dog, and this experience is downright (sorry to use the word, but) paranormal!



  • Nancy L. Bisset

    I was sent this site as a New Year’s Eve Gift. (2012) YES. This is how I see it. MOST enjoyable.

    I am a lover of synchronicities. I have a gift of seeing these gems of wisdom and getting messages (on a personal level) as sign posts I have called them; NOT really knowing what they were; from other sources.

    I want to re-listen to this because it is packed full of nuggets of your truths and understandings. Priceless shares of wisdom.THANKS!

    As I would ask my within questions; I ask that my Star/Guides would give me answers in the books I pick up and read for bed-time. I know dreams are something I do not recall and I want to; My precious gift-er-of this web site told me to write them down as I am in the dream state. I do those I recall. So books I read at bed time (For relaxation) after reading and listening to this kind of wisdom before bed-time is really not re-laxing materail but WOW WOW deep thinking kind.

    I began seeing (for almost a year now; Synchronicites Example: I would ask for my understanding of ‘actions done to me from another being;’ WHY these actions were hurting spirit sooo. YEP BLING BLING messages began showing up; names like my Love that crossed over; giving me signs of his alchemy-set-up of how we would communicate who ever crossed over first. THIS set up protected me from Listening to the wrong beings; those that would have me not know what was really going on.

    YOUR experience takes this to the Pan Picture Level my Precious Guide/Now fellow journier is working at connecting the dots and the dear being that sent your blogg my way. Oh YOUR work and conclusions or whatever you call your Findings so far; are just magnificent. I LOOK forward to hearing more of your connecting the dots. THRILLING for sure.

    Thanks for sharing your truths. I came from a life of saving sinners for over 60 Years; I HAD a lot of detaching to do of allll my beliefs and conditioning’s and constructs.

    May this year be sooo exciting as we share our pieces of the puzzle for the WHOLE but also our individual parts we are playing in this damn ass drama.:-))) OH soooo fantastic.

    LOVE to Christopher and the interviewer; most amazing to listen to.

    LOVE-ing-ly Nancy L. Bisset

    Jan 5, 2012 at 8:49 pm