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Barbara Lamb / interview

May 19th, 2012

There is a very curious pattern within the UFO abduction research community, more than a few of these dedicated researchers are also UFO abductees themselves. Barbara Lamb is both, she has had her own contact experiences as well as over 20 years of active research as a therapist.



  • John Birmingham

    Thank you Mike for sharing such an insightful and truly informative investigator/Psychotherapist like Barbara Lamb on your website for everyone to hear. I think she is the real deal and not some phoney jerk with a PHD trying to get money out of the ET/UFO community like some peolpe out there. I would love to spend an entire day with her and listening to her stories of people’s encounters and events like seeing the saucer in the desert at dusk. You asked some great questions and as an interviewer you did a wonderful job of just letting Barbara speak to all of us while you did the same thing. No interruptions or being pushy with questions at all. I cancelled my annual subscription at Whitley’s website because when his wife was interviewing a guest she would run right over the guest by getting louder and cutting off what the guest was trying to say. You are articulate and insightful and have a great speaking voice with a lot of intelligence behind it. Like you I was ’suddenly’ compelled (that WORD again…)to do an in-depth study on UFO’s and ET’s using the internet and books from the library as my study resources. I put in a good 6 hours a day, 7 days a week for almost 3 years uninterrupted starting in 2006. This subject can be a confusing landscape to navigate sometimes because of so many writers giving information that just does not have any feeling of truth behind it at all and sifting through that garbage takes a lot of time. I have gained a lot of knowledge and have seen numerous UFO’s in Phoenix during the daytime and also a sighting in Michigan in 1973. Thankfully I had other witnesses present during a few of my daytime sightings so I can safely say I really did see the UFO’s who by the way would show up sometimes when I would ask them to show themselves to me and generally within a matter of seconds they would ‘pop’ into view ! I always thanked them for obliging me with their presence. The majority of my sightings happened at about year 1 1/2 of my intense studying of the UFO/ET phemomenon so I feel like ‘they’ had groomed me to get ready for my sightings of them and other interaction on a more personal level of speaking to me in my head about 5 different times and scaring the hell out of me because it was a mental voice of such intensity so as not to be able to dismiss it or pretend not to hear it. I’m pretty certain that I have been abducted before because of memories of their craft and lost time events.

    Here I am rambling on about me when all I really want to say is Thank you for this marvelous website and for sharing yoursedlf so openly to us about your own encounters and thoughts on all things not of this planet. It’s too bad that Karla Turner is no longer with us because she would have been a great person for you to interview. I am going to spend the night tonight listening to your past guests and get caught up a bit. I hope you had a great 4th of July celebration too !

    Jul 5, 2012 at 1:47 am