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Hypnosis session from 2014

July 18th, 2016 · Comments

I had a transcription made the audio of a hypnosis session from the summer of 2014. I wrote about that extensively at the time, and that post is linked HERE. This was a past life regression conducted by London based therapist Lorraine Flaherty.

My goal was to address the source of my bouts of clinical depression, and it was extremely successful. I experienced key moments isn what seemed to have been a past life, and a very sad death. There was a distinct change in the quality of my life that began right when I opened my eyes after the session. 

This was not a hypnosis session where we tried to retrieve UFO memories. But, Lorraine did address these issues at the end of my time being hypnotized. I have included the transcript of that portion below. 

When we first began, Lorraine asked me if there was anyone else (or any other energy) in the room. She asked me again later in the session, and for the next 25 minutes she asked me questions and I gave my answers. This was focused on my UFO experiences. Reading this and hearing the audio has been fascinating. I cannot in anyway vouch that what I said is true, but what I can say is that it feels truthful. It may not be a literal truth, but more a metaphoric kind of honesty. 


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