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Entries from March 2012

Jason Horsley / interview

March 26th, 2012 · Comments

Jason Horsley is a writer, scholar, former podcaster and misadventurer. You might know him by his pseudonym Aeolus Kephas, or Jason Kephas, or just Jake. Who and what he might be is difficult to pin down. He wrote a book that I very much liked titled THE LUCID VIEW.

I do my best to keep up with Jason's mind, and hopefully there is plenty to chew on in this interview. We also talk about God, UFO abductions, unconscious filters, Jesus, Dr. Steven Greer, the ego and the metaphoric map.


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Arthur C. Clarke and multiple UFO sightings

March 19th, 2012 · Comments

Arthur C. Clarke claims to seen UFOs, and potentially more than a few of 'em. This is a short audio essay where I link together a few clips from Dr. Leo Sprinkle and Clarke himself. The implications are curious.

Only six minutes long.

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Rosemary Ellen Guiley / interview

March 6th, 2012 · Comments

Rosemary is one of the rare experts on wide range of paranormal phenomena. She's authored more than 50 books on wide range of occult, spiritual, and mystical topics. She has been a full-time researcher since 1983, and her present focus has been inter-dimensional entity contact experiences (including UFO abduction accounts), problem hauntings, Shadow People, the Djinn and portals or geographic areas of intense paranormal activity.

During our conversation we attempt to avoid the tiny boxes that confine too much of the research, instead we speculate about the meta-phenomena that could be at the core of the many divergent experiences. We jump from the Djinn to UFO abduction to owls and faeries.


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